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 -Contains episodes 104-154

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Episode 104

E"Keroro Farewell, My Dear Keroro!"
"Keroro Saraba Itoshiki Keroro! de Arimasu" 

Fuyuki had a dream that the Keroro platoon took over the world, and it looks like it came true!
but it turns out to be replacement robots that were programed wrongly. (the ones with noticible slanted eyes and curly feet)

"Keroro Countdown To Ruin"
"Keroro Metsubō e no Kauntodaun de Arimasu"

 Keroro plans to concur the world by making everyone stub their toes on cabinets!
Later, headquarters sends the platoon a countdown mechanism warning them to invade in half a year or they will be forced back.

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Episode 105  


Keroro The Monumental Depths Of a Smile Sale!"
"Keroro Shinsō Kaiten Sumairu Sēru! de Arimasu"

In part A, the Keroro platoon opens a hamburger store. Everyone makes hamburgers of their own style, with Tamama putting a lot of sweet potato dangos in his burger, and Giroro putting gross ingredients in it, saying "If you can't even eat this, how will you survive on the battlefield?". Fuyuki and Natsumi help them too, Natsumi helps Mois with strangely selling "smiles" that give you motivation, and Fuyuki helps with burgers. However, Keroro orders new ingredients and has to pay a very huge amount of money for them. After doing that, they finally find out none of the burgers have been sold, but only the smiles have been selling, so the plan fails.



"Momoka, The Grand Cherry Blossom Viewing Love-Love Strategy!"
"Momoka Ohanami de Raburabu Dairansen! de Arimasu" 


In part B, Momoka orders her squad to find the "Legendary blossom tree", and invites Fuyuki to come watch them. She didn't invite the others, but strangely, they still came. The Legendary blossom tree has a myth, saying that two persons standing under the tree will fall in love immideatly. The plan works after having Keroro and Tamama, Mois and Giroro, and two squad members fall in love with eachother accidentally. After that, Fuyuki and Momoka fall in love, when Kururu finds out that the Legendary Cherry Blossom Tree is actually the child of an alien called "Sakura Sakuura", and Momoka decides to hand the "child" over. However, with the tree gone, Fuyuki and the others become normal again, and Momoka's plan to make Fuyuki love her has failed once again.


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Episode 106


"Fuyuki And Natsumi Convenient Invaders"
"Fuyuki And Natsumi Katte ni Shinnyūsha de Arimasu" 

In part A, Fuyuki and Natsumi see Keroro sneaking around on the streets. When they think he's planning something suspicious, they follow him to a dead end. Fuyuki opens a closet, and falls into a hole along with Natsumi, leading to a secret city called "Alien street". They meet Keroro and the others there. However, Pekoponians are illegal in Alien street! They disguise themselves as aliens, and explore the city.



"Giroro, A Time For Hobbies"
"Giroro Shumi no Jikan de Arimasu"


In part B, The Keroro platoon make a test from the Keron Army, asking for their hobbies, interests, etc. When Natsumi sees Giroro doesn't have any interests, Keroro tricks him, saying Natsumi will always find him a boring man if he doesn't get a hobby, just so Keroro won't have to worry about the invasion anymore. Giroro goes to everyone to ask what their hobbies are, but they're total crap. When Natsumi hears of Giroro trying to get a hobby, she teaches him that a hobby is what interests you the most. When Giroro hears that, he realizes what interests him the most and what he really wants to do...Conquer Pekopon!


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Episode 107

"Natsumi The Dreaded Health Inspection"
"Natsumi Kyōfu no Karada Kensa de Arimasu"

 In part A, Keroro finds out Natsumi and Fuyuki have a health inspection on their school. Knowing this, the platoon invades the Health Inspection and punish the children in many ways. When Natsumi finds out, the platoon runs for it, but later gets caught by Dororo in a trap. Dororo reminds Keroro of him abusing Dororo in the Keron Army health inspection, and almost makes them suffocate, when Natsumi arrives and is about to attack. Keroro calls Dororo "most popular and loved dororo heichou", with Dororo getting all happy, not realizing he has been tricked. The platoon runs for it, with Natsumi chasing them. They get chased into the boy's changing room, where Natsumi can't go. Fuyuki accidentally gets knocked out of the door, and is seen in his underwear by all the girls on the school.


"Fuyuki And Natsumi The Grand Sibling War!"
"Fuyuki Ando Natsumi Kyōdai Daisensō! de Arimasu"


In part B, Fuyuki is still mad at Natsumi for what happened that day. Keroro realizes that if they get in a fight, Keroro might get all the blame. So he adds oil to the fire that he caused, and hosts a "sibling fight" between Natsumi and Fuyuki. At the end, when Natsumi wins, their find kind of ends, when they find out Fuyuki wasn't mad about the health examination accident, but that Natsumi threw away an occult magazine he left in the hallway. With Keroro realizing and telling it was actually him telling Giroro it was okay to burn it, they get tied to pieces of wood on a campfire and get punished.


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Episode 108

"Tamama Monopoly! A Time For Adults"
"Tamama Dokusen! Otona no Jikan"

In part A, Tamama wakes up, seeing his tail is gone. Not knowing what this means, he asks the other members of the platoon, and they explain he has become an adult. When Kururu mentions that he's now ready to "Drink, hit, and buy", Tamama explores the adult part of Alien Street to find the meaning of it. In the end, it seems that while he was asleep, the "If you can live live over again gun" fell out of a closet and fired at Tamama, making him an adult.


"Fuyuki And Momoka The Island Of Doctor Kululu"
"Fuyuki Ando Momoka Dokutā Kururu no Shima de Arimasu" (冬樹&桃華 ドクタークルルの島 であります)


In part B, Fuyuki, Momoka, and the keroro platoon(except for dororo and kururu), get stranded on a deserted island. They find the platoon sitting in killer machines, and they attack. They're no match for Momoka's second personality though, and later, when Momoka has called the rescue squad, they find out that it was Kururu's island. He found the platoon knocked out, and used them as guinea pigs for his fighting machines.


Watch this: Episode 108

Episode 109

"Keroro Mama's Grand Rejuvenation"
"keroro Mama-dono Iyashikei Daisakusen de Arimasu"

Keroro finds out that he can earn money by massaging Aki. Meanwhile Fuyuki and Natsumi want to get her a mother's day gift, a massage chair. Keroro hears of a "Massage privilage" and wants to find it first so that he can be the only one to massage her.
But it was onlt a massage coupon, and in the end, all three massaged her shoulders.

"Dororo Silently Running Wild On the Galaxy Express"
"Dororo Chinmoku no Bōsō Ginga Tokkyū de Arimasu"

Dororo's mother comes to visit on mother's day, but the train is hijacked! The Keroro platoon goes to rescue her. It turns out that all of the trains were visiting their mother computer for Mother's day.

Watch this: Episode 109

Episode 110

Keroro Quite Possibly the Best Medicine Ever"
"Keroro Sukoshi Fushigi na Tokkōyaku de Arimasu" 

Keroro comes up with the best plan to take over Pekopon, but he ends up really sick. Everyone tries to help him, but Mama may have the only remedy; Starfruit. Keroro gets better, but they miss the chance to use his plan.

"Keroro All Paths Lead To Starfruit!"
"Keroro Subete no Michi wa Sutāfurūtsu e Tsuzuku! de Arimasu"

Keroro plans to use starfruit to invade. He turns everything to starfruit, makes world peace, and concures pekopon!
But when he wants to build gumpla, he finds that his precious things have also been changed, even Natsumi and Fuyuki and the whole world!
Then he wakes up, it was a dream, and Keroro decides that too much of something can be bad.

Watch this: Episode 110


Episode 111


"Koyuki A Shinobi Pajama Party"
"Koyuki Shinobiryū Pajama Pātī de Arimasu"

Koyuki Azumaya has an eventful sleepover with Natsumi, But Giroro does not approve...



"Natsumi The Shocking Teacher's Visit!"
"Natsumi Dokkiri Katei Hōmon! de Arimasu" (夏美 ドッキリ家庭訪問! であります)

 When the platoon discover that Natsumi's mum can't come and talk to the teacher about her daughter's education, they try and take the place of her mum, Aki, with hilarious results!

 Watch this: Episode 111


Episode 112

"Kululu & Saburo The Artist's Decisive Encounter!"
"Kururu & Saburō Deai wa Oekaki Gachinko Shōbu! de Arimasu" 

Keroro wants to use one of two reality pens, a pen that makes drawn things real, for the invasion. But Kururu can't remember where he put one and Saburo is the only one who can use the other! Keroro dives into his memories and ends up in the place where Kururu first met Saburo. As the platoon search for the pen, the mystery of how Kururu and Saburo met is unravelled. @W

 Watch this:Episode 112


Episode 113

"Keroro Battling Our  Wettol King"
"Keroro Tatakae Bokura no Wettoru Kingu de Arimasu" Keroro finds out Natsumi's weaknes is slugs. Kururu changes the slug to a slug super hero and defeats natsumi!
But it's wet and slimy power doesn't work on Fuyuki. 


"Natsumi The return of Wettol King "
"Natsumi Kaettekita Wettoru Kingu de Arimasu"

Wettol king returns and shows his true power, now he is too strong to be defeated. But becoming a hero, he now realizes justice and that he is not fighting for it. He leaves into space to find people in need of his help.

 Watch this: Episode 113

Episode 114

"Giroro My Way Of Getting Revenge!"
"Giroro Adauchisuru wa Ware ni Ari! de Arimasu" 

Little crab aliens come to earth to get revenge at an alien who destroyed their father, but mistake Giroro as their target. Keroro tries to help find the  alien in hopes for a reward. It turns out that the crab aliens only wanted a re-match in rock-paper-scissors.


"Keroro Dasonu Maso Again and Again and Again?"
"Keroro Matamatamata Dasonu Maso? de Arimasu" 

It looks like Dansuno masu is back, but no! It is his sister, Dasuno Mali! She comes to erath hoping to get comedic tips from the Keroro platton. Tney want to show her that they are actually serious, but only make themselves more of a laughing stock.

Watch this: Episode 114


Episode 115

"Keroro Nyororo vs. Mecha Nyororo"
"Keroro Nyororo tai Mekanyororo de Arimasu"

It's the rainy season and Keroro is hyper again. He wants to make a movie battling a Nyororo, He even gets all of the girls to audition. 


"Keroro Regarding the Disposal Of the Nyobo"
"Keroro Nyobo totomoni Sarinu de Arimasu"

They were supposed to have gotten rid of the robot Nyororo, but Keroro makes it a pet!
But Keroro accidentally pushes the button that summons the queen of Nyrororos and all of her children, they will suck the earth dry! The robot goes and warps them away, never to be seen again.

 Watch this: Episode 115


Episode 116

"Keroro Aiming For That Shining Flow!"
"Keroro Pikafuro o Nerae! de Arimasu"

Keroro wishes to be the first one to bath in the house, But Natsumi won't let him. He makes her take multiple horrible baths, trying to get her to give it up. Keroro ends up bathing with Fuyuki.

"Mois A Diary About Uncle"
"Moa Ojisama Nikki de Arimasu" 

 The platoon is saying how Kerorohas never been successful, so he tries to finds something in Mois' diary to make him look good. but her diary only shows exagerated sides of him.

Watch this: Episode 116

Episode 117

"Keroro Wishes On Tanabata"
"Keroro Tanabata ni Negai o! de Arimasu"

This time of the year, people write a wish and tie it to a tree as part of tradition.Momoka wants to find out what Fuyuki wrote, but Keroro steals all of the wishes.

"Keroro Revival! The Extraordinarily Talented Dopamine"
"Keroro Fukkatsu! Kaiketsu Dōpamin de Arimasu" 

Keroro tries to resurrect his old radio show, and make his hit song popular. Hetries to have aSumomo doll stand in, but she only has three phrases, so GIroro must pretend to be Sumomo again.

Watch this:  Episode 117


Episode 118

"Ghost Girl Let's Go To School"
"Yūrei-chan Gakkō e Yukou de Arimasu" 

The platoon decide to go haunting at Natsumi and Fuyuki's school for a new invasion plan, and the ghost comes too. But when she passes through a girl called Satsuki, she takes control of her body. She doesn't know what to do, and to make it worse, there's an important swimming competition!


"Kululu The Sergeant Major Of Curry"
"Kururu Karē no Sōchōsama de Arimasu"

 the platoon open a curry shop. The Hinatas don't think their curry is very good, but the curry is very popular, to their surprise. They discover that Kururu added something to the curry; but what?

Watch this: Episode 118

Episode 119

"Giroro How Grand! Summer Training Camp"
"Giroro Sōzetsu! Natsu Gasshuku de Arimasu"

Giroro decides to toughen up the platoon, training them into the wilderness. But he gets caught up in a feirce competition with Koyuki.


"Keroro Capturing a Late Saturday Night's Shine!"
"Keroro Doyō no Ushinohi o Tsukamaero! de Arimasu" 

Natsumi says that she will get heat stroke without eal, So Keroro decides to get rid of all the eal in order to defeat her on this day. 

Watch this:  Episode 119


Episode 120

"Keroro Doinaka Coast Returns"
"Keroro Doinaka Kaigan Ritānzu de Arimasu"

 The Keroro gang return to the beach, but this time it is a male swimsuit contest. Natsumimakes Fuyuki join to try and get her Saburo's signature. But a rare gumpla is also the prize, So it is a feirce battle against Keroro.


"Momoka One Summer Experience"
"Momoka Hito Natsu no Keiken de Arimasu"

Momoka accidentally gets shot with the aging gun. She tries to hide from Fuyuki and Paul is looking for her. Meanwhile, an alien who falls in love easily is sttalking her as well.

 Watch this: Episode 120


Episode 121

Dororo Lady Ninja Karara Appears!"
"Dororo Kunoichi Karara Shushutto Sanjō! de Arimasu" 



After changing her boyfriend from Kururu to Dororo, Karara comes back with her friend Chiroro to show off her new ninja skills to Dororo. But when Dororo turns out to be Viper in disguise, the platoon discover that they are in terrible danger! 

Watch this: Episode 121

Episode 122

Kululu The Cursed DVD"
"Kururu Noroi no DVD de Arimasu" 

A bored Keroro goes around looking for DVDs to watch, but there's nothing his friends have that he likes, until he spots a DVD on Kururu's desk with warning signs on it. He plays it to find that this DVD is no ordinary DVD. A Tiger Horse appears outside Keroros room whenever he opens the door. But people can come in from the outside normally. Soon everybody is trapped in the room, and nobody knows how to get out.
"Natsumi By All Means, What is This Prohibition!"
"Natsumi Nani ga Nan demo Kinshi yo! de Arimasu"

 Natsumi is feeling grumpy, so she disallows all sorts of things. Keroro creates some special robots to prohibit things for her, but they get out of control.

Watch this: Episode 122

Episode 123

"Visiting Grandma Hinata's House"
"Hinataka Satogaeri de Arimasu" 

 The Keroro gang go to visit Akina, but are confrontedwith an alien that turns into their fears.


"Tamama and the Turtle"
"Tamama to Kame de Arimasu"

Tamama is training and he finds a turtle who walks all day but doesn't get very far.  The platoon wonders where it is going.

 Watch this: Episode 123


Episode 124

"Keroro The Summer's Treasure"
"Keroro Natsu no Takaramono de Arimasu" 

 Keroro remembers that when they were children, he, Giroro and Dororo went to planet Doinaka to Hunt for Viper's treasure, but had gotten stuck on the planet. Zeroro got separated and trapped, and when a train comes, Giroro and Keroro must find him or be trapped forever.

 Watch this: Episode 124

Episode 125

"Keroro Morally Spinning Sushi!"
"Keroro Jinginaki Kaiten Sushi! de Arimasu" 

 Keroro treats his platoon to a revolving sushi resteraunt, but it turns to a battlefeild


"Keroro The Dreaded Mosquito"
"Keroro Kyōfu no Za Mosukīto de Arimasu" 

 Keroro gets his head swapped by a mosquito and now they must catch it to turn him back!

Watch this: Episode 125


Episode 126

Keroro And Natsumi Which Way to Heroes?!"
"Keroro Ando Natsumi Yūsha wa Dotchi da?! de Arimasu"

In order to escape reality, Keroro and the gang go into a video game! But it looks like Saburo may have gotten taken by the Devil King and they must go rescue him

Watch this: Episode 126


Episode 127

"Keroro Secret Moon Vacation"
"Keroro Kossori Tsuki Ryokō de Arimasu"

 Keroro tries to get rid of the countdown timer by abandoning it on the moon, but ends up becoming friends with it!


"Giroro Typhoon Invasion Operation Commences!"
"Giroro Taifū Shinryaku Sakusen Kekkō! de Arimasu" 

 A typhoon is headed to japan, Giroro has a weapon that can control it and take over pekopon! But when Keroro gets lost inn the typhoo, Giroro must decide if he should sacrifice the chance to save him.


Watch this: Episode 127


Episode 128

Keroro Finally Prays to God?"
"Keroro Saigo wa Honki de Kamidanomi? de Arimasu" 

Keroro eventually gives up hope on the coundown timer counting down the days left to invade Pekopon. He prays to god, but also finds a red rock shaped like Giroro. Keroro advertises it as a new god and it becomes popular. All is going well, and for once the platoon have a hope that they might succeed in getting money for invasion. 

 Watch this: Episode 128


Episode 129

"Kiruru. The Messenger of Destruction"
"Kiruru Hametsu no Shisha de Arimasu" 

The countdown timer is eventully up! It transforms into Kiruru. (Kiruru dot) who uses people's indecisiveness as energy for invasion by marking triangles on them. But the platoon discover that he is a faulty product, and Headquarters demand it back. But Keroro has become attached to the countdown timer, who he calls Mashiu. He doesn't want to give Kiruru. back. Nobody knows what to do. 

Watch this:  Episode 129


Episode 130


Keroro Platoon All Members Reboot!"
"Keroro Shōtai Zen'in Saikidō! de Arimasu"

 Keroro plans to have the platton relax while the robots take their spot. Once again, though, the robots have gone out of control and wwhile the platton tries to stop everything, the robots have vanished.


"Garuru Platoon Everyone Fight!"
"Garuru Shōtai Kakusen Eri de Arimasu"

 The Keroro platoon robots have been causing chaos on other planets. The Garuru platoon try to stop them but are defeated, and they think that they are defeatedby the real Keroro platoon.

Watch this: Episode 130



Episode 131

Giroro A Secret Day Off"
"Giroro Himitsu no Kyūjitsu"

Giroro wantsa day off! Nobody knows why. But Natsumi will find out, by hiding away in his ship.
She's curious as well as the rest of the platoon. and they all come to find his secret.


"Baio Conquer the Sports Festival"
"Baio Undōkai o Shihai seyo de Arimasu"

Momoka wants to run a tree-legged race with Fuyuki, but her father wants to run the race with her. it becomes a battle of controling the weather.

Watch this: Episode 131



Episode 132

Dororo The Chance is Important!"
"Dororo Kikkake ga Daiji! de Arimasu" 

 A team of assasins are sent to train by hunting the keroro platoon and try to destroy them. The one who is sent to Dororo has no confidance and doesn't think he has a chance.
Dororo  teaches him not to give up right away.


"Natsumi My Bluebird"
"Natsumi Watashi no Aoi Tori de Arimasu"

Natsumi found a bluebird and got attached to it. But Mama doesn't like bluebirds, so she must find it. It gets out anyway and Aki shoes it out of the house, now natsumi can't find it.

Watch this: Episode 132



Episode 133

Alisa Hunter of Darkness, Halloween in Chaos!"
"Arisa Yami no Karyūdo Harowin Daisōdō! de Arimasu" 



Fuyuki has a dream about a girl who hunts unknown beings like aliens. She turns out to be real, and she has her eye on the Keroro platoon. Her name is Alisa, and she kidnaps Fuyuki, because he has the power to attract the creatures. The Keroro platoon come and chases her, but she locks them up in a box. The humans rebel, but she also has the power to turn people into stone. All looks bleak as almost everyone is defeated. 

Watch this: Episode 133

Episode 134

Keroro If You Catch a Cold, It'll be Fixed in Post!?"
"Keroro Kaze o Hiitara Afureko da!? de Arimasu"

 Keroro gets sick and he can't speak anymore. Kururu has an invetntion that will allow others to speak for him and control his actions. But while everyone is fighting to control him, Keroro can't tell anybody that he really has to use the bathroom!


"Fuyuki & Kururu Go to Akihabara"
"Fuyuki & Kururu Akihabara o Yuku de Arimasu"

Fuyuki's computer broke down, and so he goes with the platoon to Akihabara to get a new one,. While the rest split up, Kururu guides Fuyuki into a hidden shop to buy computer parts. But they are chased by a strange guy after revenge, leading them to ancient computer parts.

 Watch this: Episode 134


Episode 135


Karara And Chiroro The Shichi-Go-San of Nagomi"
"Karara Ando Chiroro Shichigosan ni Nagomi-san! de Arimasu" 

A god from Keron comes and chases Karara and Chiroro to Pekopon. He is angry, and the Keroro platoon try and calm him down, but their efforts make it worse. And he has been known to destroy planets in his angriness.




"Keroro It's Only One Grain Left"
"Keroro Taka ga Hitotsubu Saredo Hitosubu de Arimasu" (ケロロ たかが1粒されど1粒 であります)

Dororo gets angry at Keroro for leaving rice in his bowl. He and Kururu team up to teach Keroro a lesson, and he experiences a rice grain's feelings about being uneaten after trying so hard to grow up into healthy rice.

Watch this: Episode 135


Episode 136

Aki War at the Onsen!"
"Aki Onsen de Daikassen! de Arimasu"

The family take Aki to the hot springs. Just when it's looking relaxing, the Onsen is suddenly filled with monkeys! Everyone knows that Aki is afraid of animals and trys to get rid of them.

"Keroro Go! Keroropan"
"Keroro Soreike! Keroropan de Arimasu"

 Natsumi makes bread, but Keroro says that it's not better than Keron bread. When he bakes some, they find out that Keropan is actually giant bread fighting machines! The best and strongest will be decided the best bread.

Watch this: Episode 136


Episode 137

"Keroro It's a Field Trip Until You Say I'm Home!"
"Keroro Tadaima! Toiu Made ga Ensoku da! de Arimasu" 

 Keroro decides to take the hinata family and the platoon on a feildtrip. but he spend the money for BBQ on gumpla. Hetries to make the money back by selling tickets, while the rest enjoy the picnic.


"Keroro Sukiyaki of Love and Sorrow"
"Keroro Ai to Kanashimi no Sukiyaki de Arimasu"

 Keroro wants to make up for his last failure by making sukiyaki, andhaving everyone eat together. Kururu comes in and ruins everything in order to remind the platoon they are invaders.

Watch this: Episode 137


Episode 138

Keroro Keroro Show"
"Keroro Keroro Shō de Arimasu"

 Keroro tries to put on a cosplay show to gain the populations apraisal for invasion, but Natsumi stops him


"Fuyuki & Chiruyo KGS Returns"
"Fuyuki & Chiruyo KGS Futatabi de Arimasu" 

 It turns out that during the show, the girlfrom the newspaper club got evidence of the aliens. But she deletes it because she likes Fuyuki. Keroro reads her journal saying how stupid they are, and tries to scare her.

Watch this: Episode 138


Episode 139

Kogoro Central Tokyo is a Man's Battlefield"
"Kogorō Oku Tōkyō-shi wa Otoko no Senjō de Arimasu"

 Kogoro catches a cold and while trying to find a boy's cat, he spreads "Kogoro virus" to everyone, making them act like him. The Keroro platoon must go inside him to defeat the virus, but Kogoro won't cooperate because of his promise to find the cat.

Watch this: Episode 139





Episode 140

"Keroro Platoon Super Battle Operation: Tax Return"
"Keroro Shōtai Nenmatsu Chōsei Daisakusen de Arimasu"

The platoon has excess budget funds and needs to spend them in order to get funds for next year. Keroro, however, tries to tell them not to spend it.


"Keroro A Certain Man's Fight"
"Keroro Aru Otoko no Tatakai"

Keroro tries to organize his collection because it is taking up space everywhere. But can he handle it?

Watch this: Episode 140


Episode 141

"Keroro Central Tokyo's Ice Age Alisa Has Come"
"Keroro Oku Tōkyō Hyōgaki Arisa ga Kita! de Arimasu" 


Tokyo experiences a very cold Christmas, and it turns out that there is one creature behind all this. Alisa returns to fight the creature and return Tokyo to normal - and also have her dinner. 

Watch this:Episode 141


Episode 142

"Keroro Give Me Back My New Year"
"Keroro Oshōgatsu o Kaeshite! de Arimasu"

 Keroro accidentally sleeps the new year away. But when he tries to do his new year plans, he finds everybody missing.

"Giroro Let's Get Working on the Pekopon Invasion!"
"Giroro Shigoto Hajime wa Pekopon Shinryaku! de Arimasu" 

 Giroro is invited to play badmitten with Natsumi, but it looks like Keroro is serious about the invasion. Now Giroro must choose between them.

Watch this:Part 1   Part 2    Part 3


Episode 143

"Keroro Miracle?! Keroro's Father."
"Keroro Kiseki!? Keroro no Chichi de Arimasu"

 Keroro's father comes down for a visit. But when Keroro tries to greet him, the team is stopped by Viper.


"Hinata House Submerged!?"
"Hinataka Chinbotsu!? de Arimasu"

 When Keroro puts a hole in the base, he breaks the Earth's crust, causing the Hinata house to sink!

Watch this: Part 1  Part 2  Part 3


Episode 144

"Keroro A Bold-Faced Fake Fairytale The Ear's Conundrum"
"Keroro Tetsu Kamen Densetsu Nazo no Dekamimi de Arimasu"

 Keroro finds a rabbit and gets a lesson on taking care of it. Meanwhile a criminal is on the loose for abandoning his pats, and Natsumi joins in to find him.

Watch this: Part 1   Part 2   Part 3


Episode 145

"Urere the Salesman Invader"
"Urere Urekko Shinryakusha de Arimasu"

Urere comes to assist the Keroro Platoon in invasion. Keroro however refuses and plans to steal Urere's plan


"Keroro And After All Even if Everybody Comes..."
"Keroro Soshite Yappari Dare mo Inakunatta de Arimasu"

The platoon is invited to Kogoro's house, but he's not home. Now they are trapped inside and they begin to dissapear one by one just like an old folk tale.

 Watch this: Part 1   Part 2   Part 3


Episode 146

"Remembered Darkness?"
"Mei Oboete Imasu ka? de Arimasu" 


After Pluto had officially been declared not a planet, a mysterious girl called Mei arrives. It turns out that she is from Pluto, and she is trying to make people remember that it is still there. But everybody forgets straight after about the ex-planet. Hopes are low for Mei. 

Watch this: Part 1  Part 2   Part 3


Episode 147

"Paul A Deacon's One Minute"
"Pōru Shitsuji no Ichibun de Arimasu"

 Tamama accidentaly sends rubbish at Momoka. Paul protects her but spills a drop of tea. Now he feels like he must resign, and hold a new contest to see who will be Momoka's new steward.


"Giroro Rhythm and Pace?"
"Giroro Kureta no wa Dare? de Arimasu"

  Giroro sets up a desk on valentines day hoping to get chocolate and he does! But not wanting to get his hopes up, he eliminates every possible suspect and it leads to only one option, Natsumi!

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(Spoiler is in the commentary of Part 1, but you can see it Spanish full first half)


Episode 148

Koyuki Jidaigeki Wonderland!"
"Koyuki Jidaigeki Wandārando! de Arimasu" 

 Natsumi and Koyuki go to a place of traditional culture. But when Keroro tags along and sees that the performers get paid, he tries to do the same in his own way.

"Keroro The Mysterious Mouse of the Fantasy Wonderland!"
"Keroro Chūbeesama ni Tobitsukou! de Arimasu"

 Keroro realizes that he never got to see the lucky legendary mouse creature mentioned in the first part and he goes back to try and meet him

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Episode 149

Alisa Alien Versus Monster"
"Arisa Eirian tai Monsutā de Arimasu" 

 Alisa uses Fuyuki to atract more monsters, but the aliens are afraid that she will hunt them down, so they try to hunt her first. And it reveals more about her past.

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Episode 150

"Giroro An Established Time to Journey"
"Giroro Tabidachi no Toki de Arimasu" )                                                                                         

Giroro and Natsumihave a fight and she tells him to leave, then,
Giroro is promoted to be a leader of another platoon on another planet. Giroro desides to leave quietly and say farewell to Pekopon.

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Episode 151

"Chiruyo Checking up on White Day"
"Chiruyo Howaitodē o Chekku! de Arimasu"                           

The girl from the newspaper group wants to give Fuyuki valentine's day chocolate on white day. Meanwhile, Keroro tries selling white day chocolates and they all get caught in the machine.

"Fuyuki I Know How to Use The Application"
"Fuyuki Goriyō wa Keikakuteki ni de Arimasu"                                                                                

 Fuyuki is playing with the Kero ball and is now in danger because of a giant Chupacabra.

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Episode 152

Keroro Frequent Appearance! Planet Andou's Heaven"
"Keroro Shutsubotsu! Adosei kku Tengoku de Arimasu" 


  Keroro advertizes the planet Pekopon to other aliens ahowing the top 50 main attractions. and he is leading to number 1 to invasion!

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Episode 153

Kerokero Military Operation Number 100"
"Kerokero Sakusen Daihyakugō de Arimasu"                                                                                 

 An inveding alien, ZZZ threatens to destroy Pekopon! He ruins their party, their 100th plan, and causes everyone on the Alien street to run away. After much deciding The Keroro platoon goes to fight him to save Pekopo.

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Episode 154

"Keroro Farewell Sergeant Keroro"
"Keroro Saraba Keroro Gunsō de Arimasu" 

 ZZZ continues his way to earth, and when Keroro and the gang return from space, they all work together to operate a giant machine robot to fight ZZZ.

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